C4T is a SME founded in 2002 and placed in the Science Park of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Born as distinctive model of private-public share holding, C4T retains the culture of curiosity and intellectual enquiry inherited from the academic roots. At the same time, we have built a reputation for delivering results, meeting deadlines and paying strict regard to confidentiality.
The success of our business has developed in large measure through the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers. Over the years they have steadily increased their reliance on our business, and we conitinued investing in new laboratory equipment to better meet customer needs.
Our customers span sectors such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, diagnostics, biotechnology. We work with leading players within these industries all over Italy and we will to expand our services throughout Europe.




We take responsibility for Quality. Our standars are not only a tool to fulfill the strictest requirements but a well-rooted system to speed up performance and achieve better results.


C4T Labs are ISO 9001 (Certiquality). Moreover the Research Centre received MIUR (MIUR – Italian Ministry of Education, University & Research) Accreditation in 2011 and was recognized as Innovative SME in 2015.


Thanks to Regione Lazio financing POR FERS LAZIO 2007/2013 – Attività 1.4 -1.7, we first implemented  OHSAS 18001 Certification (Certiquality) and we invested in the deployment of an advanced IT platform.


We have a customized platform for the integrated data management of research activities, including the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), compliant to FDA CFR21 requirements, Dotmatics Suite ( Dotmatics Ltd ).



General Manager

As General Manager of the Research Centre she’s responsible for Technical Management and committed on coordination and work planning of Medicinal Chemistry Projects. She’s at C4T since its foundation in…


Head of the Chem. Lab.

Tatiana Guzzo, at C4T since 2006, is a senior research scientist with proven expertise in Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry. She is project Leader of…



Endocannabinoid System Biology

Prof. M. Maccarrone, PhD, MS
University of L’Aquila Dept. of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences, Professor and Chair of Biochemistry
European Center for Brain Research/Santa Lucia Foundation IRCCS, Rome

Member of the Editorial Board of 12 journals of science and of the Biochemistry Editorial Advisory Board for the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (Wiley-Blackwell), referee for several journals of science (including Science, Nature Medicine, JAMA, PNAS, Blood). Awarded the “4th Royan International Research Award for Reproductive Biomedicine”, the “2007 IACM Award for Basic Research”, the “BIO#4 Mission Team Achievement Award”, and the “2016 Mechoulam Award”. Chair of the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on “Cannabinoid Function in the CNS”. President (2010, 2011) of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS). Registered Investigator of the Italian Ministry of Health (ID: 018570), EU expert (ID: EX2006C196475) and COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) expert.
Published more than 500 full papers including more than 45 review articles and more than 60 invited papers in international refereed journals. Due to his scientific activity, is listed among the “Top Italian Scientists”.

Advanced in silico studies

Prof. O. Nicolotti, PhD – University of Bari “Aldo Moro” – Pharmaceutical Science Dept.

Fields of expertise: Medicinal chemistry, drug design, QSAR, exploratory toxicology


NMR Services and Facilities

Prof. M. Paci – University of Rome “Tor Vergata” retired Professor of Biochemistry and Professor of Food Chemistry in the Specialist Degree in Human Nutrition.

His research area of structural biochemistry and magnetic resonance include: study of the protein biosynthesis initiation factors and “histone-like” proteins of E. Coli, structure of vegetal phytoxins, structure and function of metalloproteins (superoxide dismutase), NMR structural study of bioactive peptides, nucleic acids, solid state NMR, and food chemistry. He is considered an expert within the NMR community.


Exploring the 1,3-benzoxazine chemotype for cannabinoid receptor 2 as a promising anti-cancer therapeutic

N. Gambacorta, V. Gasperi, T. Guzzo, F. S. Di Leva, F. Ciriaco, C. Sánchez, V. Tullio, D. Rozzi, L. Marinelli, A. Topai, O. Nicolotti, M. Maccarrone

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 259 (2023) 115647


Recent Advances on Type-2 Cannabinoid (CB2) Receptor Agonists and Their Therapeutic Potential

V. Gasperi, A. Topai, N. Gambacorta, T. Guzzo, F. Ciriaco, O. Nicolotti, M. Maccarrone

Current Medicinal Chemistry (2022) DOI: 10.2174/0929867329666220825161603

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Stability Evaluation and Degradation Studies of DAC® Hyaluronic-Polylactide Based Hydrogel by DOSY NMR Spectroscopy

T. Guzzo, F. Barile, C. Marras, D. Bellini, W. Mandaliti, R. Nepravishta, M. Paci and A. Topai

Biomolecules 2020 Oct 24; 10(11):1478. doi: 10.3390/biom10111478.
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Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Tetrahydro‐β‐carboline Derivatives as Selective Sub‐Nanomolar Gelatinase Inhibitors.

G.F. Mangiatordi, T. Guzzo, E.C. Rossano, D. Trisciuzzi, D. Alberga, G. Fasciglione, M. Coletta, A. Topai, O. Nicolotti
Chem. Med. Chem. 2018 Jul 6;13(13):1343-1352. doi: DOI:10.1002/cmdc.201800237 .
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Nitazoxanide inhibits paramyxovirus replication by targeting the Fusion protein folding: role of glycoprotein-specific thiol oxidoreductase ERp57.

S. Piacentini, S. La Frazia, A. Riccio, J.Z. Pedersen, A.Topai, O. Nicolotti, J.-F. Rossignol & M. Gabriella Santoro
Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 10425 (2018) doi: DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-28172-9 .
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Genotoxicity assessment of piperitenone oxide: An in vitro and in silico evaluation.

A. Di Sotto, S. Di Giacomo, L. Abete, M. Božović, OA. Parisi, F. Barile, A. Vitalone , A. Izzo, R. Ragno, G. Mazzanti.
Food and Chemical Toxicology. (August 2017) Volume 106, Part A, Pages 506–513 doi: 10.1016/j.fct.2017.06.021 .
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Interactions between integrase inhibitors and human arginase 1.

L. Lisi, M. Pizzoferrato, F.T. Miscioscia, A. Topai, P. Navarra .
Journal Neurochemistry. (July 2017) Volume 142, Issue 1 Pages 153–159 doi: 10.1111/jnc.14039. Epub 2017 May 9.
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry B

The Conformational Change in the Mechanism of Inclusion of Ketoprofen in β-Cyclodextrin: NMR Spectroscopy, Ab Initio Calculations, Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Photoreactivity.

T. Guzzo, W. Mandaliti, R. Nepravishta, A. Aramini, E. Bodo, I. Daidone, M. Allegretti, A. Topai, and M. Paci
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (2016), Volume 120, Issue 41, pages 10668-10678, September 2016 (Web)
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Antiretrovirals inhibit arginase in human microglia.

L. Lisi, E. Laudati, T.F. Miscioscia, A. Topai, P. Navarra
Journal of Neurochemistry, (2015), Volume 136, Issue 2, pages 363–372, January 2016
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The 15N induced isotope shift as an effective tool for the structure elucidation of 2,4 and 2,5 di–substituted thiazoles.

T. Guzzo, A. Aramini, S. Lillini, R. Nepravishta, M. Paci, A. Topai
Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 56, Issue 30, 22 July 2015, Pages 4455–4458
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In silico scaffold evaluation and solid phase approach to identify new gelatinase inhibitors.

A. Topai, P. Breccia, F. Minissi, A. Padova, S. Marini, I. Cerbara
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 20, Issue 7, 1 April 2012, Pages 2323–2337
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GPR55: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives of a Purported “Type–3” Cannabinoid Receptor.

A. Moriconi, I. Cerbara, M. Maccarrone and A. Topai
Current Medicinal Chemistry 2010;17(14), Pages 1411–1429
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Methylation and acetylation of 15–hydroxyanandamide modulate its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

D. Amadio, F. Fezza, G. Catanzaro, O. Incani, G. Van Zadelhoff, A. Finazzi Agrò, M. Maccarrone
Biochimie, Volume 92, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages 378–387
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Thiopyrophosphoantigens: Solid–phase Synthesis and in Vitro Characterization of a New Class of Vγ9 Vδ2 T Cells Activators.


P. Breccia, F. Angeli, I. Cerbara, A. Topai, G. Auricchio, A. Martino, V. Colizzi and F. Poccia
J. Med. Chem., 2009, 52 (12), pp 3716–3722
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Structural Bases for Substrate and Inhibitor Recognition by Matrix Metalloproteinases a Review.

L. Aureli, M. Gioia, I. Cerbara, S. Monaco, G.F. Fasciglione, S. Marini, P. Ascenzi, A. Topai and M. Coletta
Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, 15(22), pp 2192–2222
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The active essential CFNS3d protein complex.

A new perspective for the structural and kinetic characterization of the NS2B–NS3pro complex of dengue virus

S. Melino, S. Fucito, A. Campagna, F. Wrubl, A. Gamarnik, D.O. Cicero, M. Paci
FEBS Journal, Vol. 273, Issue 16, August 2006, Pages 3650–3662
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Role of macrophage phospholipase D in natural and CpG–induced antimycobacterial activity.

G. Auricchio, S.K. Garg, A. Martino, E. Volpe, A. Ciaramella, P. De Vito, P.M. Baldini, V. Colizzi and M. Fraziano
Cellular Microbiology, Volume 5 (2003), Issue 12, Pages 913–920
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Compounds of 2,3–dihydro–4h-1,3–benzoxazine–4–one, method for preparing them and pharmaceutical form comprising them.
WO2014097188 (A1)

Thiopyrophosphate organic compounds, method for preparing thereof and compositions containing them.
WO2008148617 (A1)

Beta–carboline arylsulfonamides, method for preparing them and composition comprising them.
WO2007099117 (A1)

Symposia & Conferences

Interactions between antiretroviral drugs and human Arginase 1
9° Congresso Nazionale ICAR 2017 – Università degli Studi di Siena

The utility of the 15N-induced NMR isotopic shift in the structural assignment of di-substituted thiazole.
16th Tetrahedron Symposium Grand Hyatt Berlin – 16th-19th June, 2015

New inhibitors of Metalloproteases via structure/ligand based design: a case study.
53rd National Meeting of Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Oral Communication
Riccione September, 2008

FLAP: Fingerprints for Ligand And Proteins. Latest Improvements and Applications.
4th Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemoinformatics – Sheffield 18th-20th June, 2007

From Hit to Lead: synthetic feasibility by solid phase approach and scaffold evaluation.
4th EuroCombi and 1st international Symposium on Combinatorial Sciences in Biology, Chemistry, Catalysts and Materials – Firenze 15th-18th July, 2007