Innovative Organic Chemistry Solutions

for companies developing pharmaceuticals, fine and speciality chemicals

We can assist you

with the creativity and the experience of our skilled chemists to expand your own R&D effort

From curiosity

to target-oriented

Bridging the gap

between Basic research and Industrial development


Who we Are.

We are a team of recognised Organic Chemistry Problem Solvers, with valuable experience in Synthesis, NMR studies and Medicinal Chemistry.
We are highly motivated and highly trained: most of our scientists have a Ph.D. level and/or have matured relevant experience in foreign research groups of excellence. We have complete commitment to problem-solving in drug discovery and we’re fully engaged in improving our professional capacities day by day.
We are committed to companies developing pharmaceuticals, fine and speciality chemicals with high quality and efficient standards.
We are flexible in our approach and can adapt quickly to changing project requirements.

What we Do.

We provide our partners with the best solutions for Organic Chemistry tasks and Drug Discovery Projects, leaning on a strong experience in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. We are engaged in route scouting and our strong commitment in synthetic pathway development and optimisation covers a plenty of application fields: from generics to impurities, from scaffold and focused library to reference compound synthesis. We have a strong expertise in synthesis and characterization of novel API impurities, combining a rock solid organic chemistry background with advanced NMR studies. Our Medicinal Chemists are experienced in Hit Identification and Hit to Lead Process: we develop innovative compounds for screening for either Proprietary or Customer Med Chem Projects.

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